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Evangelizing, promoting Catholic scholarship, and driving Catholic dialogue.

That is the purpose of the Portsmouth Institute’s summer conference, and over eight hundred attendees have had the opportunity to engage original scholarship, network with international Catholic leaders, and explore the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The conference, held each year at Portsmouth Abbey’s beautiful bay-side campus, fosters dialogue among the worlds leading Catholic scholars on topics of pressing importance, including public policy, economics, art, evangelization, the Church in the 21st century.

Audience members have included scholars, students, business men and women, legal experts, clergy and religious, medical experts, political leaders and more.

Previous conference topics have included:

2015: Understanding the Francis Papacy

2013: Catholicism and the American Experience

2012: Modern Science, Ancient Faith

2011: The Catholic Shakespeare?

2010: Newman and the Intellectual Tradition

2009: The Catholic William F. Buckley










Speakers have included Roger Kimball, George Weigel, Robert George, Peter Steinfels, E.J. Dionne, James Buckley, Bishop Thomas Tobin, and other influential scholars, clergy, and public intellectuals.