Portsmouth Institute student seminars, co-sponsored by the Christian Doctrine program at Portsmouth Abbey School, assist in the spiritual and intellectual development of select high school students by providing a forum for advanced discussion and critical thinking.

Students invited to student seminars display a keen interest in the humanities, an aptitude for conversation, and a desire to know more about the Catholic faith. While spiritual formation will be integral to the seminars, discussions will be open to Christians and non-Christians alike. Through various program offerings and special benefits, students discover the role of faith in our daily lives and in society as a whole, gain a deeper understanding of the importance of liberal education, and will develop the knowledge and experience that leads to strong leadership. These students will enter college prepared with the intellectual and spiritual grounding to defend their faith, and equipped with the leadership skills to help the Church’s evangelization – both at college, and beyond.

By integrating the Portsmouth Institute into school life, students will experience a new dimension of intellectual and spiritual life during their high school years.

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