An apostolate of the Benedictine monastic communities of Portsmouth and Saint Louis Abbeys, the Portsmouth Institute for Faith and Culture is a center for Catholic scholarship and evangelization. The Portsmouth Institute explores Catholic thought and promotes the restoration of Christian culture by articulating the nexus between faith and reason, religion and public life, and Catholic principle and practice. Our work focuses on four essential activities:

• Student Formation:

Offer students meaningful encounters with the Catholic faith and its intellectual tradition

• Intellectual Evangelization:

Grant opportunities for the public to explore Catholic thought and the literary, artistic, and religious heritage of the West

• Scholarship and Research:

Encourage the study and promotion of Catholic thought among students and scholars

• Public Discourse:

Influence public discourse by promoting authentic Catholic perspectives on topics of cultural relevance
In an age of sound bites, Google instant searches, and Twitter wars, religious belief is often ignored, misrepresented, or worst of all, maligned. And while Christian thought once guided the ethical, moral, and political foundations of Western civilization, today Christianity is sidelined in the places where its presence is most needed, including in academia and the public square. Today, Christians must seek new ways to influence our culture. By engaging students, teachers, scholars, and lifelong-learners with an authentic Catholic understanding of truth, goodness, and beauty, we will renew culture and strengthen the ethical foundations of our society.
The Portsmouth Institute’s programs include: an annual summer conference attracting over 200 teachers, students, clergy, and lifelong learners to our Abbey in Rhode Island; intensive academic seminars for students and faculty; lectures for the students, teachers, and the public which articulate Catholic principle and practice; Conversatio, a quarterly digest of faith and culture; art exhibits and sacred music concerts; and more. We leverage our valuable relationships with philanthropists, Catholic thought leaders, clergy and teachers in order to promote and sustain our work.