What’s Really Going on in This Election: An Ancient Vice

Event details

  • Tuesday | October 18, 2016
  • 6:30 pm
  • 285 Cory's Lane, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871
  • 401.643.1255

Join Dr. RJ Snell and the Portsmouth Institute for Faith and Culture for an evening talk and conversation as we go behind the headlines of this year’s election.

Registration is closed for this event.

Behind this year’s election headlines looms a truth Americans must confront: we are falling victim to acedia. What does this mean for us individuals, as neighbors, as citizens?

“While the term acedia may be unfamiliar, the vice, usually translated as sloth, is all too common. Sloth is not mere laziness, however, but a disgust with reality, a loathing of our call to be friends with God, and a spiteful hatred of place and life itself. As described by Josef Pieper, the slothful person does not ‘want to be as God wants him to be, and that ultimately means he does not wish to be what he really, fundamentally is.’ Sloth is a hellish despair. Our own culture is deeply infected, choosing a destructive freedom rather than the good work for which God created us.”

Dr. Snell explores this ancient sin in his new book, Acedia and Its Discontents, and will address the problem of sloth in the context of our looming presidential election.