apophasis: An Artist Talk and Exhibit, featuring Jonathan Castellino

Event details

  • Thursday | April 21, 2016
  • 7:00 pm
  • Portsmouth Abbey McGuire Fine Arts Center, 285 Cory's Lane, Portsmouth, RI 02871
  • 401.643.1255

Co-sponsored by the Portsmouth Abbey School Department of Fine Arts.

Join us for wine, cheese, and a evening of art and conversation.

Artist’s Description: “The images I make document what I call the emotional landscape of city life. This series, Apophasis, focuses on quiet, abandoned places that are seemingly devoid of life. Yet, the solitude and silence I find there offers a freedom—a freedom to encounter the true mystery of these places.

My vocation as an artist is documenting these beautiful, dreamlike locations, emptied of their occupants; through my lens, vacant architecture and infrastructure educate my daily living. The photographic record of my journey is open: a work of memory which, at the point of overflowing, returns me to my subjects’ original silence.”


Jonathan Castellino is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada, and an adjunct instructor of architectural photography at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts in Queenston. His work has appeared in magazines and journals such as Brick, Spacing, Image, Now, in several books and national newspapers, and has been featured in galleries and photography websites as well. His main photographic subjects are urban and industrial spaces, through which he explores the intersection of architecture and culture, of personal meaning and the build environment. He has several ongoing projects pertaining to his exploration of Toronto and has pursued similar projects in Southern Ontario, New York State, and Michigan.

Inspired by Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, artist Jonathan Castellino demonstrates through his photography the complex relationship between man and nature.