2021 PIETAS: Summer Seminar for Catholic Teachers

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  • Sunday | June 27, 2021 to Friday | July 2, 2021
  • All Day

JUNE 27 – JULY 2, 2021


The Stories of Flannery O’Connor

The 2021 PIETAS Summer Seminar will offer Catholic teachers an encounter with the work of American novelist and short-story writer Flannery O’Connor. Bishop Robert Barron refers to Flannery as “a great prophetess of sin, grace, of God’s mercy, of God’s redemption.” Upon her death, Thomas Merton compared Flannery “not with Hemingway, Porter and Sartre,” but rather with “someone like Sophocles.” Indeed, her work is highly-charged with grace and violence, sin and redemption, suffering and ecstasy. Her work–which draws much of its symbolism from her experiences living in the American south of mid-twentieth century–speaks to us today through its universal grasp of human and divine reality. At heart, her stories reflect the hopeful and frightful reality of the Incarnation. They thus deserve to be read and studied and shared in a community of friends bound together by books and prayer.