Conversatio (con-ver-sāt-iō) [Latin]
From the Benedictine vow, Conversatio Morum, or the ongoing conversion of life towards the light of Christ.


Courage in The Lord of the Rings

BY DAVID MILLS The following is adapted from a speech delivered at the Portsmouth Institute’s 2016 Summer Conference, “Christian Courage in a Secular Age.” Lead sponsors for the conference and this publication include the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, Drs. Timothy and Luba Flanigan, Mr.  Peter Ferry, Mr. Javier Valeunzuela and...

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What’s in the Name Francis?

By Kenneth Colston | When we were watching the white smoke in 2013, we knew that we would first learn something about the direction of the new papacy as soon as we heard its new name announced. As the punning Latin proverb has it, Nomen omen est. Name is destiny....

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