A Prayer Seeking St. Nicholas’ Intercession from a Benedictine Saint

Many know Saint Nicholas as the saint who comes to fill children’s shoes with candy on this day, but Saint Anselm sheds light on the saint through seeking his intercession in prayer.

Anselm writes…

God, in you have I trusted,

St Nicholas, to you I entrust my prayers,

upon you both I cast my care,

even on you I throw my soul

This is what you exact from me,

you by your commands, you by your counsels.

Receive him who throws himself upon you both,

have him who is prostrate before you.

Keep me when I sleep, help me in whatever I do,

inspire me in whatever I think,

you, Lord, by your grace,

you, Nicholas, by your intercession;

you for the merits of your so loved confessor,

you according to the name of your and my Creator,

‘who is blessed for evermore.’ Amen.

The Prayers and Meditations of Saint Anselm with the Proslogion

As we enter into the rest of this Advent season, let us take after the example of Saint Anselm and surrender ourselves to God with the help of St. Nicholas.