To explore the rich heritage of Catholic thought,
guided by Benedictine tradition and in service to the new evangelization.

Founded by the Benedictine monastic community at Portsmouth Abbey in 2009, the Portsmouth Institute explores the intellectual tradition of the Church and promotes the renewal of contemporary culture. We do this in the spirit of Saint Benedict, our patron, and in service to the new evangelization.

In keeping with the Benedictine tradition of intellectual and spiritual formation, we aim to:

• Encourage the study of Catholic thought among students, teachers, and scholars
• Grant opportunities for the public to explore Catholic thought and the literary, artistic, and religious heritage of the West
• Influence public discourse by promoting authentic Catholic perspectives on issues such as the family, economics, bioethics, the environment, art, and politics
• Provide high school students with meaningful encounters with the Catholic faith (in particular, but not restricted to, students of Portsmouth Abbey and Saint Louis Priory Schools)

We accomplish these goals through a variety of programs, including lectures, an annual summer conference, small group seminars, youth leadership development programs, musical performances, art exhibits, publications, and digital media. We leverage our valuable relationships with philanthropists, opinion-makers, clergy and educators in order to promote and sustain our work.

The Portsmouth Institute is a joint apostolate of Portsmouth Abbey and School, a Benedictine monastery and boarding school for high school students in Rhode Island, and Saint Louis Abbey and Priory School, a Benedictine monastery and day school in Missouri. Both abbeys are members of the English Benedictine Congregation. The Portsmouth Institute represents a unique partnership of two Benedictine monasteries dedicated to scholarship and evangelization.