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  • What’s in the Name Francis?

    By Kenneth Colston | When we were watching the white smoke in 2013, we knew that we would first learn something about the direction of the new papacy as soon as we heard its new name announced. As the punning Latin proverb has it, Nomen omen est. Name is destiny.

  • Portsmouth Institute’s 2015 Summer Conference Prepares Catholics for Pope’s Visit to America

    Image: His Eminence Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley addresses the audience gathered for the Portsmouth Institute’s 2015 Summer Conference. O’Malley is one of Pope Francis’s closest advisers. More than two years into his papacy, Pope Francis continues to draw headlines for his provocative statements and populist appeal. This past June, guests

  • Jan_van_Eyck_-_Diptych_-_WGA07587_crop_of_the_crucified_Jesus

    Homily for Good Friday (2015)

    A Homily by the Rt. Rev. Abbot Caedmon Holmes of Portsmouth Abbey Unlike the Passion according to Mark which we heard on Palm Sunday, in John’s Passion narrative, beginning already in the garden [he calls it that rather than Gehtsemane],there is no agony, no terror, no painful struggle to accept